What is APA Writing Style?

APA writing style is a style of presenting research findings established by the American Psychological Association. This style also applies to a literature review. APA writing style follows conventional rules of grammar, but also contains guidelines for presenting scientific material. It is orderly, concise, precise, and direct. However, it is not dull and lacking in style.

What is APA editorial style?

APA editorial style is a collection of conventional and non-conventional rules for presenting research findings. These rules cover in-text citations, reference pages, numbers, table format, punctuation, and others.

Why should I hire an editor?

APA editorial style is frustrating and confusing. Trying to remember whether to use that or which or how to format a reference list distracts you from putting your energy into writing your paper. So, let me remember those bits of information and you can relax and put your energy where it counts: on your paper.

What Do You Do?

My job as editor is to make appropriate changes in your document and explain all changes. Most of my work is on completed manuscripts that are ready to be handed in. However, I will work on drafts and give you ideas for rewriting. My rewriting on student papers is limited to introductory sentences, transitory sentences, and changing words for clarity. Any extensive rewriting is the responsibility of the author.
First, I will read over your writing sample and edit 3-5 pages, if requested. I will return the writing sample with the editor’s marks in MS Word revision mode and give you an estimate for the job. Keep in mind that this is only an estimate. The final fee may be lower or higher.
After I have received a deposit (for jobs > $100), I will edit the remaining pages. In editing I look for spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalization, verb tense, and the like. I will reformat your headings.
For dissertations, theses, and capstone projects, I will format the document to your university’s guidelines and will add a table of contents, list of tables, and list of figures, if necessary.
I will reformat your reference list and your citations. I check each citation and make sure that it is on your reference list and I check each reference entry against your citations.
Upon completion, I will return the marked copy. Upon receipt of the remainder of the payment, I will send a clean copy and a document of Editor Comments. These comments explain most of the changes made, if they are not explained in the document, and some instructional points on APA writing. I will send you an invoice from PayPal for the remainder of my fee.

What Do You Charge?

I charge by the word: prices range from $.035/word for editing. For documents that require only formatting (no grammar checking, but includes citations, references, margins, headings, TOC), I charge $45/hour.

What is Your Turnaround Time?

Please allow a minimum of 1 business day for documents 1-10 pages, a minimum of 2 business days for 11-15 pages, and a minimum of 3 business days for 16-20 pages. There will be an extra $25.00 fee for rush jobs. Larger projects will be negotiated. Please leave enough time to have your project completed without a rush. 
Good luck!
Debbie (aka The Grammar Queen), MS Ed. College Counseling, NCC

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